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I am Frank (Larry) Fahrlender—long time no see.    You have my email in the wrong place—it is shown for Wayne Emerson.  I don’t know what his is.  If you could get that correct it I would appreciate it.   
It is amazing it has been so long, yet seems like yesterday we were in high school.  Lot of life since then.
Larry Fahrlender
Glad to see you set up a web site.  I was hoping someone would do this.  Are you planning on also maintaining the address list?  I was working on getting all the classmates on Classmates shown attached list as being on Classmates so one could tell how much duplication in notices was occurring.  I have doing other things the last few weeks and have not progressed beyond about half the classmates.  Will get on this and include a few additional classmates that have contacted me since the last up date of the list. 
Thank you for the class of 61 web site.   Now I can get rid of classmates
I live in Hewitt, Tx not far from you. 

Thanks again
Bob Martin
thanks for doing all this, Don.. are you still living in San Antonio? 
Barbara Thacker Troutz
Good job Don.  Looking forward to seeing you. 
Lynda Whalen
Hi Don,
Nice website!  Our name is actually spelled McLellan instead of MacLellan.  I think they had it wrong in the annual.
Elaine McFeely is the one we have been hearing from about the Class of '61 reunion.
Thanks for setting up the website.
Red and Linda McLellan
Don, just got the information about the website.    Great job! I would like to have you correct the spelling on my name, if you wouldn't mind.
It's Bonnie and I think you have it as something else.    Thanks!   Can't wait to see everybody next summer.
Bonnie Mitchell Carr
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Don,    Good to hear from you – thanks for your efforts. I am here in Roswell – looking forward to seeing you and all in 2011.
Robert Sherman 
Thank you, Don, for sending me the information.  I would love to come.  In fact, it's on my calendar. 
Caroline Allen Beckner
Thanks so much for web site.  Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion
Sharon (Owens)
Hello DON,  it is Jimmie (JIM) Elliott.   Are you still in SA?   I live in Martindale TX near san marcos.   Thank you for developing this email site!!   I know that you were with a sa school district at one time and possiblly have retire from there at this time.    I too am retired from texas education and living on TRS $  but continue to rehire with Lockhart ISD which is near martindale and about 35 miles south of austin on hwy 183. 
Thanks again,   JIM
Thanks for information Don...Yes, this is my correct email....and the website that you have set up is great...You and David seem to be really working on he reunion...This is good...I do hope that we have a good turnout for the 50th...
Don ,,Thanks for the article. .I never knew that I had contact and drank beer with all of those dignitaries.
Jerry (Hickman)
(this one just came in from my TexasAlien.com website and I thought it was appropriate to post here - Don - survivor of BC Carter for 4 courses)

Mr. Gadberry,     did you have B.C. Carter for any math classes at RHS?   I had him all three years and then went on to major in math in college.    Your alien bs sounds a bit like the set up for a story called "Class Reunion" in my book, Down to Earth in Roswell. 

Dewey Johnson, Class of '64
Don,  thank you for doing this for the class. I know it must b a challenge. Susie Caraway (Barrington).
As most of you know horses were my passion. I was a legal secretary for a while as I was training, raised three children.
Sold a horse I trained for $125,000 last year have clocked fastest times many places and I met my husband on the racetrack at Ruidoso, where we both were trainers.
I was voted Texas representative for the horseman and flew to Austin for meetings for two years in HPBA. I qualified a racehorse for the Sam Houston Futurity and placed 2nd. I have won at least 40 saddles and 100 buckles. My first was won in 1954 and the last in 2009; however in 2009 I was stricken with cancer and since have had that battle with chemo and no hair and am now taking radiation every day.
I hope I get to be around to see all next year. Once again how nice to learn what all are doing.
Suzie Caraway
Hey Don,   Good to hear from you.  Thanks for including your picture.  Man!  You have not changed one bit.  What is your secret?
Only error that jumped out at me was Erwin Latimer.  His name is listed as Edwin.  As far as I know, he is in Albuquerque.  I'll attempt to get more details.  
Thanks for the site,
Raymond Hardin 
Hi Don,  Just checked the class list.  My email address is the same as Gary's and my last name was mis-spelled....Funny!  Thanks again for all your work. 
G double O D J-O-B,,,,Good Job.....still can't stop cheerleading!
Great website, Don.  And the correspondence section was like talking to each one individually.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next summer in Roswell.  And I would be interested in know where you might have a block of rooms reserved for that time.
Susie Wilmot (Hawk)
We should stay at the Hampton Inn on N. Main st. They offer a free breakfast every morning.
We could all wear a RHS tee shirt the first morning and we would know who our classmates
are. This would be helpfull for some one like me, who has not seen anyone in 30 to 50 years. 

Don…Thanks for putting up the website (from someone in the website business). I know it will be helpful to everyone. I have the date next year on my calendar. Plan to be there!! I’m still in Aurora CO.
Gary Fletcher
Solution Services Inc
www.solutionservices.com    www.graysarge.com    www.payrollfinders.com

Hi Don - I can be in charge of golf - people can let us know and I can make tee times ( at New Mexico Military Institute Golf Course) - also the Friday night get together is also at the Roswell Country Club.      I will get back to you later - I am sure we can get a block of rooms somewhere - closer to the reunion date.   
Thanks...Bette (Phillips) Leadingham
More address added by Sharon:
Peggy White              pparlee@netzero.net
Jerry Hise Wilson      jerrywsoloflex@gmail.com  
Paul Vernagelli          pvernagelli@hotmail.com
Hi Don, 
I am Daniel Vickers and my wife's name is Charlotte (Hodges) Vickers . We were in Roswell High in 1961. We went to the 20th reunion and have not attended since. I would like to know the names of the people that might attend the 50th. I know a lot have passed away and some are not accounted for. I you have that info I would like for you to email it to me ( if it is not to much trouble). Thanks 
Daniel Vickers 
Hi, Don - I am so looking forward to our reunion.  Thanks for you effort on this.  I haven't had a chance to check the website yet, but I will.  You may remember me.  I am Linda (Youse) Hood and live in Albuquerque and am still among the working bunch.  I am married and have lots of grandchildren and even two greats with one on the way.  Where are you and what are you doing?  Obviously you have some computer skills. 
Hope you are well!  Linda
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 6:17 PM
Subject: Re:
Don't know how many pictures I have but I'll drag out the photo album and let you know.  Glad everyone is pitching in on helping - I have talked with a few people here in Roswell to let them know and tried  to get email addresses from them.  Address for Larry Waggoner & Katherine Payton Waggoner is 1502 E. Country Club Road - they don't have email!  Will let you know about the pictures - Suzie
On Fri Sep 17 10:43 , 'Ed & Bette' sent:

Hi Elaine - I only have a few - of us at tri-hi-y camp - I think I got them
from Susie..I know she has lots of them - if she needs me to help scan them
I will.    Hope you have found a house and are settled in and like it there.
Talk to you soon..
Bette (Susie - let me know about the scanning...Bette)

rsmartin617@yahoo.com   Robert Martin
I talked to Lynn Link Sunday and he is doing good. He will be at the class reunion in July.
Maybe he will join the 21st century before then.
We should all post what we have been doing the past 50 years to keep the reunion
fresh in our minds.
Its too bad the last post was 9-23-10 and not yesterday.
Don Gadberry is handling the list and announcements so I am forwarding your message to him. Not much has been put out other than the reunion is being planned for Roswell in July of next year 2011.  They are talking about using the Country Club for meetings and not using the High School.   Has to do with cost.
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Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 12:59 PM
Subject: class of 1961 reunion

Susie Miller Housewright called some time back about a class reunion and told me you were trying to co-ordinate a e-mail list ? I haven't heard from you or Susie of any updates. Add me to your list.
Harold B. Jones
Hi Don,
A friend sent me the info re the web site.  I can't believe I didn't think of looking for it myself.  Thanks so much for doing this.  I had said I would go to a reunion if I could find out if there was one planned.
I live in Canada, but I still have some family in Roswell and will be there.
Vickie (St. John) Coutlee
To let you know.
Just got the word that Glenda Crawford passed "AWAY".  May our prayers be with her and her family.  What great laughter she gave to all of us.
Raymond Hardin
01/06/2011   Hi, Don - Just wanted to provide an update regarding Glenda Crawford Mitchell.  Cindy Lewis, Glenda's daughter, left me a voice mail saying that Glenda died approximately 3 P.M. yesterday, January 4.  She will be cremated.  Ballard Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.  

A memorial service is being planned at the First United Methodist Church, 200 North Pennsylvania Avenue in Roswell on Saturday, January 8, at 10 A.M.
Barringer Flowers, 314 N. Main, Roswell, NM 88201, 575-622-1590 has a Class of 61 fund.  A Class of 61 arrangement will be at Glenda's service.  If anyone from our class wishes to donate to this fund, please contact the owners, Patty (nee Dodson) and Dennis Johnson, both RHS classmates.  Feel free to donate any amount.  It looks like this will be an "unofficial" perpetual fund to provide flowers for other classmates' services.  I understand from Elaine McFeeley Flaherty and Patty that there was a Class of 61 arrangement both for Ronnie Van Winkle and Brian Ballew's services.  Please feel free to post any part of this message.  If I find there are any changes to the arrangements, I will let you know. 
Linda (Youse) Hood  linda.hood@q.com
Don, was surprised tonight to have e-mails from you, Elaine F. and Ray H.!!  I'm in Roswell and plan attending the reunion next summer. I don't know how much I can help. I will be teaching summer school and the 22nd is finals.  
suzie H and Bette L know how to get in touch with me. 
Please add my e-mail to the class list.  T
hank you, Margy Klump Dye   mdye@dfn.com
Just a personal note to thank you for working at making the reunion special...with the deaths of special friends during the past year, I think it is important to get together and celebrate life...let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I plan to be in NM sometime early in July. XO
Sent from my iPad
Barbara Troutz=   bjtroutz@swbell.net

Don,   My name is Don Johnson, RHS 61.    Just visited the web site.  It is great to see some of the information posted there.  Thank you for providing that for us. My cousin Jim E. Winkler listed on the class list has passed away.  He and I graduated together.  I wanted to inform you of this so that you could update the information listed there.  Thank you again for the web site.
James Donald Johnson,   Roswell High class of 61

Thanks for the welcome. And, congratulations on a fantastic website! I’m looking forward to the reunion and I’m sure everyone else is too. It should be a good one. Thanks again. 
Jerry McCormack, jerrymc1@cableone.net
Class of ‘61
Roswell, NM

Elaine,  I am currently off shore working on a production platform for Chevron. I am not scheduled back to the US until the 16th of Feb. I will send the money then.     My home email is tperkins@bowenic.com, cell number is 915-261-8277, and my home phone is 575-354-5472.

My work email is listed below in my signature box.    Looking forward to the reunion!!

David (Tony) Perkins
General Superintendant,  S. Nemba Project,  Malongo, Angola, Africa

From Don... u da man Tony!  

A great "life" letter (.doc) from Sharon C. Hallman  schallman65@att.net.   You got to read this.
Hi Don,  Finally I have good news to report!  Dot Langfrod Prince had surgery last Tuesday.  She had part of her lung removed.  Although her tumor was cancerous.  The test results wee great and she will need no further treatments.  Really Good News!
Sharon Owens Gallup
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:44 AM
Subject: HS Reunion
Hi, Frank Gallegos here.   I am mailing my form and check to you.  Attached is an advance copy.  Eager to see you all. 
By the way, I have lots of pictures from previous reunions.
Frank Gallegos


My name was Kay Ayers.  My husband and I are looking forward to the reunion.  I will fill out the paperwork and send money asap.  My first name is right on the address list; however, my middle name and the name I went by was Kay.  If you could  change the address list and add my e-mail address; I would appreciate it.  Thanks so much for all of your work!!

Kay Arnold (Ayers)

from: Jim White <JWhiteCLU@aol.com>
Subject: [RHS-GHS'66] Old Timers from Roswell [1 Attachment]
To: RHS-GHS66@YahooGroups.com
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 1:16 AM
A few of you know my brother, Bob White. One of Bob's, lifelong friends from long ago Roswell days, Freddy Papworth, flew to Seattle to see him. Of course, Freddy (Class of '60) and Bob (Class of '64) have lots of stories to tell.
Bob has been racked with cancer for 9 or so years, and twice pulled back from stage-4 cancer; and Freddy has had his ups and downs including losing his lovely wife, Elizabeth Thorne (Class of '61) about 14 months ago. But seeing these two friends, who have not seen each other in 3 decades or more, is what the Roswell connection is all about. I hope you feel close to your Roswell connections you grew up with. It is cosmic magic!
Jim White

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Hey Don!
Great looking website!  My sister ran across it from information on her class of 66 mailing list.  I guess all our old class address lists were finally lost when Ronnie VanWinkle died a while back.  It's a big job to find everyone and keep up with this stuff.  Lots of them are keeping a pretty low profile.  :-)

Anyway, thought I'd update my info.  
John W Stevens
21547 N 91st Dr
Peoria, AZ  85382
623-537-0752   Home phone
I am currently a Product Design Engineer with Honeywell Aerospace here in Phoenix.  We do aircraft electronics at this facility.  I aspire to retire one day.  :-)
I maintain three yahoo group email lists that may be of interest in case you would like an email list to go with the website.  There is no real activity on them as I never joined Classmates to let anyone know.

I don't know that I can make it to the reunion as I originally had planned to do.  There is a good chance I will not be able to travel anywhere about that time frame.  If things change, I'll try to get over there.
I gather you may be in the San Antonio area from the bits and pieces I see on the website.  I pass through there several times a year burning up I-10 between Phoenix, Houston, and Baton Rouge to visit family.

Hope everything is well with you and your family!!
Best Regards,
john stevens
From: Jim White <JWhiteCLU@aol.com>
Subject: [RHS-GHS'66] Class of 1961 (50-Year Reunion)
To: RHS-GHS66@YahooGroups.com
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011, 6:23 PM
Our own Bobby Gadberry's older brother, Don, has a really great webpage dedicated to the upcoming Roswell High School 50-Year Reunion to be held in July. You might go take a look at it. It is very well done and organized (with great ideas we can copy).
Do you have older siblings? Any that graduated in 1961? If so, make certain they are put in communication with Don Gadberry. Also, if you happen to know the location of any of those on the roster, please make certain the reunion committee have current addresses. Will you do that?
Jim White
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 4:05 PM
Subject: Cancellation

Regretably, I must cancel my attendance at our 50th reunion.  I have been offered and have accepted an employment opportunity to return to Iraq.  I will be departing the US o/a 25 May, returning sometime after the first of the year.
If there are any photographs, books, etc prepared to capture the event, I would like to purchase them.  Please contact me by e-mail and I will have my brother Jimmy send you a check in the necessary amount.  Please keep my deposit to help cover any enexpected expense associated with the reunion if you would like.
Please say "hello" to anyone who might remember me (Sharon Gallup, Linda Weathers, Ferrell Dunham, Jimmy Hair, etc).  I'll be thinking of all of you with great fondness in the 125 degree heat of Iraq in July.
Have a wonderful reunion.
Warm regards-----Tommy
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 4:42 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Moving again!

It is official.  We will be moving to Kansa City, Mo...or somewhere close to there.  Gary has taken the job of Atheletic Director at Avila University.  He starts June 1st.  I am getting good at this moving thing.  Hope the house sells fast...it is not on the market yet.

Another sad day for our class - in the paper this morning it listed James McDaniel as passing away 5/15/11 - he lived in Capitan on a ranch and died of cancer.  His name needs to be added to our list of deceased classmates.  Suzie
Thanks for the tip.  I have reservations at the Holiday Inn Express because I have to bring my little dog Samson..  My daughter and 5 yr. old grandson will be there with me, but doing their own thing.  I lived in Roswell when my girls were in Jr.High and Highschool.  My eldest graduation from RHS Class '82, and she lived there until she went to Oklahoma in 1989. 

Sharon Hallman

Hi Don;

Thanks for this important piece of coordinated information.  Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. 

Peace & Thanks,
Carl W. McCargo
(c) (413) 348-1431
(h) (413) 788-7649

Good morning, Don!

Whitney Blair, here.  We have reservations at the Fairfield Inn/Roswell for the weekend of the reunion.  Thanks for your "heads up" that two other reunions will be vying for the same room space!  I was planning to wait until the last of June to do this, given some other obligations on the calendar before then.  I called Bette Leadingham, and told her that a check will be in the mail.
Profiles are continuing to come in -- there have been some pretty adventurous souls out there!  I need to chat with Tom Qualls again, for his account of where he was on 9/11 -- it's a pretty compelling story, to say the least!

Okay, that's all the news for now -- website is still just fabulous!  I am in total awe of people who know how to do these things!

Re: Ron Horton

I didn't hear back from you but thought you might like to know that Ron is doing fine.  He is finally at home and actually off of dialysis.  I talk to him about every week or so.  He is so happy to be home.  I hope he will take care of himself now and avoid the kinds of problems he had.  He heard from Donna Sue McKenzie about the class reunion in July.  He plans to come up so he can go to that. 
I have my grandkids today so I better get off here and see what they are into.  They keep me busy.  Friday is Grandma's day.  Noah is 4 and Camryn & Olivia are twin girls age 5-1/2.  They are Marcus' kids.  Darren's girls are 14 and 16 and live in Panhandle, Texas.  We don't see them as often as we would like. 
I would like to hear about your family.
Patty (Horton) Smith

Kathy Wilste Jossendal
Roswell High School, DeKalb High School
118 joanne lane, DeKalb, Ill 60115

As a forever Coyote, even though I didn't have the privilege of graduating from RHS. I wanted to send you my very best wishes for a wonderful 50th. We, here in DeKalb, Ill, where I finished HS and from where I graduated are in the midst of planning the same golden anniversary.... I think about so many of you in Roswell, and I am counting on hearing that your reunion was the wonderful time it should be. My memories are still very vivid, which is amazing because half the time I can't remember my grocery list. But put on some great old music, and I'm right back there dancing my feet off. God Bless you all, safe travels, as you come together again, laugh and enjoy the memories. May your time be sweet, and fun and of course well spent, without a doubt. I send my very best to all of you God Bless, and peace to all.... hugs to each an every one...... Kathy.

Jo Jean Damron Lemons
8216 Saddlebrook, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Nice website. Sorry I will not be able to attend. Hope everyone has a safe journey to and from the reunion.

Micky Boswell
204 Green Mountain Dr, palm Desert, CA 92211

Sorry I can't make it - I would have a place to stay with my brother Dan or my sister Becky who I have not seen in quite some time - everyone have fun - Semper Fi - Micky

From Tommy Weathers to Sam Parker (DJ):

"Hi Sam. Well you were the first part of the program that we worked on and that started last year in Ruidoso and was a slam dunk so we have been working on the rest of what needed to be done and just did not say much about your part. Thanks again for your help in making the 61 50th a big deal. Can't wait to hear you and your music. The gang that saw and heard you last year got a great treat and now the rest of the gang will see and hear your show. See you next week in Roswell....Tommy"
From Stephen Wolfe on July 27,2011:  I'm a grandpa again! Addie Lou Wolfe born in Virginia today and baby, mom, dad, and both grand mothers are all well! Praise God!
08/02/2011:   Carol Burk writes...

Thank you for the update of the reunion. I am sorry I missed it. I was in Crested Butte, Colorado, and could not get down to Roswell. I am in Eagle Nest, New Mexico, right now visiting with friends. Will return home around August 15. You are a good website Builder.   I need a website to sell my books on how to teach students how to love school. I was a retired Special Education Counselor for many years. I have used my photography as a background for my books. ... Carol